[Image]    Kansas Medication Disposal Participant Survey 

Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Kansas Board of Pharmacy are seeking input from independent community pharmacies regarding the disposal of unwanted, unused medications. Your honest responses to this survey will be used to help make improvements to the Kansas Medication Disposal Program. 

What are the barriers to your participation in the Medication Disposal Program?  Select all that apply.


What are some benefits you see to having a statewide Medication Disposal Program available at pharmacies?  Select all that apply.


Do you feel pressure to participate in the program because competitors are participating?


If more detailed participation information were available to you, would you consider participating?

What kind of information would be most helpful?  Select all that apply.




For more information, contact Jessica at 785-296-1611 or by email at jwillard@kdheks.gov or the Kansas Board of Pharmacy, 800 SW Jackson, Suite 1414, Topeka, KS  66612, phone 785-296-4056