Algae Bloom Report Form

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help KDHE identify potential harmful algal blooms in public waters. Please provide us as much information as you can and be as descriptive as possible. You will be contacted by KDHE as we investigate your report.

Question Text
Date of Report:

Are you filing on behalf on another person?.

Question Text
If yes, please give your name and affiliation here

Personal Information.
Street Address:
Day phone #:
Evening phone #:
Email address:

Work Information.
Work Address (if different from above):
Do Not Know No Yes
Are you a representative of a
governmental agency with water
management responsibiliy?

Body of Water.
Name of affected body of water:
Who manages body of water?
Date of your observations:
Please describe what you are seeing:. Examples of blue-green algae can be seen here
Examples which are NOT blue-green algae can be seen here

Please answer the following questions.
Do Not Know No Yes
Has the appearance changed dramatically over the
last couple weeks? (Bloom suddenly formed)

Do Not Know No Yes
Is there a distinct surface scum of algae (typically
green, red, or green with patches of blue)?

Do Not Know No Yes
Can you see algae colonies floating near the water
surface (looking like grass clippings, green
cottage cheese curds, or some other shape)?

Do Not Know Pale green -Greenish Yellow Medium Green - Olive Dark Green - Forest Evergreen
Looking down from a boat or a dock, what is the
color of the water as observerd?

Do Not Know Less than 1 foot 1 to 2 feet More than 2 feet
Looking down from a boat or a dock, how far into
the water can you see?

For questions about this form, please call the Bureau of Environmental Health at 785-296-1664.

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