STI/HIV Prevention Phlebotomy Supplies Request

STI/HIV Prevention Phlebotomy Supplies Request

Note: The following supplies may only be ordered by STI/HIV Contracted Rapid Test Sites. Shipping of items is subject to availability. Submitting a request for materials does not guarantee shipment of materials. For laboratory testing supplies (Multi-tube bottle with mailing box and Serum Separator Tubes) please visit the following link: If you have any questions, please contact the STI/HIV Prevention Program at 785-296-5595 or 785-296-7716.

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          Supplies:                                                Number Requested:   
Alcohol Pads (200/Box):                             

Iodine Pads (100/Box):

Band-Aids, Non-Latex (100/Box):              

2x2 Sterile Gauze (100/Box):

Gloves, Non-Latex, Large (100/Box):        

Gloves, Nitrile, Large (100/Box):

Gloves, Non-Latex, Medium (100/Box):    

Gloves, Nitrile, Medium (100/Box):

Tourniquet Band, Non-Latex (250/Box):    

Procedure Towel:                                          

Sharps Containers, 1 Gallon:                        

Vacutainer (250/Bag):

Safety-Lok Blood Collection Set (50/Box):

Blood Collection Needle (48/Box):       

Cohesive Bandage (1 roll per order)

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